The Spotlight Series

New for 2023, BTN Europe’s Spotlight Series addresses the key business travel categories in turn over the course of the year: TMCs, air, ground transport and accommodation. Each Spotlight report tackles the pertinent angles of the day, seeking views from all corners of the industry and setting out what lies in store for travel managers.

The Spotlight Series- Accommodation

Have slowing room rate rises and more reliable hotel spend data made negotiating deals simpler, or is 2024 poised to present another unpredictable year for accommodation programmes? In this latest Spotlight Series report, we examine current hotel spend trends, assess the long-stay sector, and take a look at accommodation providers' sustainability credentials.... KEEP READING

The Spotlight Series – Ground Transport

The latest instalment in BTN Europe's Spotlight series gets to grips with the fragmented ground transport sector. Here we take a look at rail travel's sustainability credentials, the bookability of cross-border rail travel, and the emergence of tech and tools specialising in the provision of ‘first and last mile’ travel.... KEEP READING

The Spotlight Series – Air Travel

Do high fares and unpredictable volumes mean best practice for sourcing air travel remains pie in the sky? Is the departure of content from traditional distribution channels causing turbulence for corporate programmes? And which airlines are investing in their premium products and taking off with new routes? All these questions – and many more – are debated in BTN Europe’s latest Spotlight Series report.... KEEP READING

The Spotlight Series – Travel Management Companies

Essential partners to so many corporates yet simultaneously the source of much frustration, travel management companies sit in the centre of a complex and evolving ecosystem. In this BTN Europe Spotlight report, find out how TMCs are staffing up – or not – as business travel continues to recover, whether the subscription fee model is dead in the water, and how convoluted fees, supplier distribution strategies and opaque commercials continue to bug buyers.... KEEP READING