The Journey Towards Sustainable Business Travel

Published: 20 September 2022

There are few more urgent priorities for corporates right now than cutting their carbon emissions and, for many, that means targeting business travel as part of a wider mitigation strategy. In this report you’ll learn about the most effective steps organisations can take to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel activity: from travel reduction tactics and the pros and cons of carbon offsetting, to investing in sustainable aviation fuel and implementing internal carbon taxes and budgets. Discover what actions your peers are taking and explore a wealth of expert insight, no matter where you are on your own sustainable business travel journey.

Less is more
Travel reduction: Less is moreBy Bob Curley

Organisations that prioritise sustainability will have to travel less, but that’s only part of a holistic emissions reduction effort

Latest developments
In case you missed it…

A round-up of the key sustainable business travel news stories from BTN Europe online in recent months

Guest column
Guest column: by John Harvey

It’s time to get real about the true cost of sustainable travel, says John Harvey, managing partner of Globalyse

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